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Purpose :

- The fair is organized so that companies in certain industries aim to advertise, promote products, examples and brands of businesses.
This is a place to display and introduce goods and services of units and businesses from many places to participate. This is the meeting place between buyers and sellers, technology, investment promotion, economic cooperation between businesses, localities and countries.

Organization :

- The organization of fairs is usually carried out by trade fair trade service companies, or organized by a certain organization, agency or association to support traders (businesses) to contact proceeding to sign contracts to sell goods. Normally, these agencies are national or local trade promotion agencies, using budgets or support funds, in Vietnam, VIETRADE (trade promotion department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade), in Japan is JETRO, in Australia is AUSTRADE ...

- Subjects participating in the display and introduction of products and services at trade fairs and exhibitions are usually traders with the aim of finding partners so that the target customers that the merchants aim to mainly Good friends.

- Fair is usually organized into booths (large or small area, usually the minimum standard is 3m x 3m) for traders to introduce their products and services there.

- Organizers invite and call on, gather traders to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions, then arrange them in booth locations at their places or rent themselves. Traders participating in trade fairs and exhibitions must pay booth fees to the organizers. In case the organizer is a state agency, the participating merchants are usually free or partially reduced in cost compared to participating in trade fairs and exhibitions where the organizer is a trader.

- In Vietnam, many fairs are organized where direct consumption of products and services.
- It is a place where consumers shop directly at stores. Specialized fairs are often shorter than multidisciplinary fairs. Multi-industry fairs or consumer goods, or general, usually take 7-10 days.
- Especially the Spring Fair for the shopping needs of the Lunar New Year usually lasts 2 weeks. Specialized fairs take place only 2-4 days because businesses are involved and the access is also narrower.

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