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Pink color on Ha Giang plateau

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At the end of autumn, Ha Giang stone plateau put on a new shirt with romantic pink ...

At the end of autumn, Ha Giang stone plateau again put on a new shirt with romantic pink from the triangular flower fields.

Every year, when the first cold winds of the season flooded, the border of Ha Giang suddenly became romantic and romantic "flower paradise", like inviting tourists to this seemingly arid land.

                                                  Triangle circuit - a typical flower of Ha Giang rock plateau

On hillsides, fields, next to roads or along old houses, tens of thousands of tiny triangular triangle flowers appear up and down the eyes. The green of the leaves and trees of the mountains and forests, blending with the light purple color of flowers creates a beautiful scenery, making people feel like walking in a fairy tale paradise.

                                                   A peaceful landscape picture in the border area

In the gray-green background of the Ha Giang rock plateau, it is similar to that of nothing attractive, the pink colors fluttered in the distant valleys, like the upland warmth in the cold and early cold, making it hot on the passionate flame of lovers. The tiny flowers dyed on the beautiful pink to call for the footsteps of tourists every time they fal


Blooming triangular flowers in October are usually full of sun and wind, so they are pink. It is also this variety but the first                                                            year is usually white, small flowers.

There are many places for you to admire and admire the simple but equally beautiful beauty of this flower. In addition to Dong Van and Pho Cao, you can choose to visit Hoang Su Phi district, Xin Man with flower hills covered in gray rocks, creating fresh features for the year-round hills and mountains of stone.

The Valley of Rain is also the place you should visit. This is the most ideal place to watch and take photos with the first-ever flower triangular flowers in Ha Giang. The appearance of Pao's houses among triangular circuit fields is impressive in this land. The point of painting in that natural picture is the image of the little girls, the boy with the innocent smile, innocently playing on the flower fields.

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